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City Girl

The journey ahead....

It can be daunting embarking on this process. It is important to me that you feel safe and that your autonomy is valued. The pace of a session is set by you, as is the content. You will not be told what to do, nor will you be pressured into speaking about issues you are not ready to explore.

In the first session together, we will work through a working contract. This is standard procedure for most therapists as it outlines important details surrounding confidentiality. Once you feel satisfied with this, the therapy can begin.

Emotion will be a great part of the work we do. As each client is seen and treated as the individual they are, there is no set idea of where your path will take you. The only guarantee I can make to you as a client is that I will support you along your own journey. 


Bodhi Therapy is based in the quiet suburb of Carlton, Nottingham and is a small walk from the Lilac Line bus route, or if you drive, there is ample street parking.


Personal and Couples Psychotherapy

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